Impressionism for kids: 10 different activities

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Impressionism for kids usually falls under the banner of teaching kids about famous artists. Since it is quite difficult to have children learn about artists like Renoir and Rembrandt by copying their styles, parents and teachers that want to give kids a bit of culture by teaching about famous artists often use  Impressionism. This is because they have a number of artists that were part of this movement that painted in a style that is more easily copied.

I found about 10 different posts on activities from Impressionist painters that you can use if you would like your children (or students) to get into the spirit of learning about these Impressionists by copying some of their styles and techniques.

The first one is from a website called an artist in everyone and the activity tries to mimic the style of  Van Gogh.

an artist in everyone

This second one is not actually a post about good activities but, there are some good slides to teach impressionism so I figured it would be a great post to use when teaching about Impressionists.

slides to teach impressionism

This one is also about Van Gogh but, has a bit of a twist as it uses collage instead of painting Van Gogh’s sunflowers

van goghs sunflowers

Seurat was an impressionist and used a method called pointillism This post is great for Teaching pointillism


Cezanne concentrated on the shapes of objects so here is a  Cezanne geometric shape collage


This set of activities show the soft, flowing part of impressionism by creating  wax resist impressionism

wax resist impressionism

Another Van Gogh activity by using  thick impasto like painting

kids activities blog

This activity is cool as it has the children  painting with shaving cream

painting with shaving cream

The next one concentrates more heavily on Monet


And from a playful learning we get a great dot activity also mimicking pointillism

impressionsim vs expressiionissm

If you find or do any other activities that mimic the Impressionists, I’d love to hear about them.

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