How to help children process what they see being advertised

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This is really cool. I had just finished writing a post on 6 negative effects of television and I noticed this link I had saved about how  Kate Fairlie of Picklebums wrote a guest post on In it she wrote about helping children deal with making choices about  advertising without blindly following what the advertisers are saying.

In my post about children and television, one of the things I talked about was the commercialism that television promotes.I then read this post of how Kate Fairlie taught her little girls to look at an ad for a game objectively. She taught them to look past the words on the box and explained what marketers try to do to get you to buy what they are selling. She also discussed how what they say is often not true.

In the end her girls ending up doing their own research and deciding against it. It is certainly refreshing to see parents teaching their kids how to deal with the system. To read her first person account read below.


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