Which is the best hello kitty sewing machine for you

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If you are looking for a hello kitty sewing machine you must know that there are more than one. There are actually three that I am going  to tell you about and they are all different from each other serving different needs

If you are a sewer and your little girl want to sew alongside you and you want to get her a toy sewing machine that really works then the Hello Kitty Chainstitch Sewing Machine is one that she will really love. You must be aware, however that this is not a training device for real sewers. It is good for a young child to practice sewing straight lines and there is a protective cover around the needle..

This is a chainstitch machine which means there is no bobbin and the stitching sometimes pulls out. You will probably have to tie the stick down by pulling the thread through the chain and manually tying them. There is a foot pedal with this machine which can get a child used to sewing on a real machine but, it may be too fast for really young children. It is not an expensive machine if you are buying it as a toy and little girls can have lots of fun with this hello kitty sewing machine.

If you are interested in the hello kitty chainstitch ssewing machine.



If you want to move up a notch and get a better machine for your little girl than there is another Hello Kitty Sewing Machine-green (11706) that is more of a real machine than the Hello kitty chainstich machine.

This is a Janome hello kitty sewing machine that is very easy go use, good for beginners and is not very expensive as real machines go. It is not a high end machine and does have its limitation as you need to be patient as you figure out how much tension it needs and how fast and slow you can go. It has a 4 step buttonhole and is quieter than most of the more expensive full size machines.

It’s a great machine to start out learning on first projects and of course, little girls love it that it’s from Hello Kitty.

It is very important that you use the right needles and the right bobbins as long as a very good quality thread if you want to get the best results from this machine.

Click this button if you want to check out the green, Janome hello kitty sewing machine.



If you want to go up even one step higher you can buy the Janome Hello Kitty Sewing Machine with 22 built in stitches and a one-step buttonhole


This machine may be more expensive of the three but it has a built in needle threader and has a free arm convertible which allows you to sew in tight spaces.

It also has the Hello Kitty logo in a few places so for little girls who love Hello Kitty this will be a dream.


There are so many things a little girl can make with her hello kitty sewing machine without having to sew real clothing. Purses, slippers, quilting projects and even simple mending is made so much more fun with a hello kitty sewing machine.

And click here if you want the Janome hello kitty machine with the 22 built in stitches .


There is actually one more hello kitty possibility and that is the computerized version of the Janome hello kitty sewing machine. It is of course the most costly of all of them but, if you want to check it out then just click on this link Janome Hello Kitty Computerized Sewing Machine



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