Awesome shape collage starting with one shape

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collages out of hexagons

A few weeks ago I wrote a guest post on Cassie Stephens blog. If you want to read what I did, you can check it out through that link and check out her blog as well. (I added different pictures here) She has great art activities that she posts about but, also loves to showcase her zany way of dressing.


To recap. I basically gave the 2 classes I teach lots of different shapes to collage with.


I added in some hexagons and I used one of those large hole punchers like this Fiskars Squeeze Punch.

It’s always hard getting good circles and these punchers in different sizes make it much easier.

I did not just give them the shapes this time and just let them create. Instead I spoke with each class about what these shapes make them think of.

As a result, their results were much more representational than they would have been if I had just let them collage without talking to them beforehand.

There was such a variety of collages that were created.




The little girl below did something that was exactly what is taught in the Reggio Method.

She collaged her picture, told me all about it so I could write it down for her and then on her own, she recreated the picture with pencil.

collage and drawing of collage



The first graders work was a bit different (and more advanced) than the Kindergarten since I had them choose a piece of a pattern from some patterned papers to incorporate into their collage.

Some of them just created random objects..


While many of them created whole scenes our of their collage pieces, even creating their own pieces that they needed.

her own clouds

birthday party

This child created a chuppah which is a Jewish wedding ceremony. She had obviously been to one not that long before.


Another creative child, took an paper and some hole punchers and created a piece of artwork from the paper she punched the holes out of.

caterpillar with cutouts

It never ceases to amaze me at how creative collage is. Here you can find another 24 collage ideas for your class or children.

collages out of hexagons

Please share if you agree with me.

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