Arts and Crafts for Sukkot: Homemade art exhibits plus more

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A childs paintingMaking art for the holiday of Sukkot is a great opportunity for you to create an art gallery.

For anyone reading this who doesn’t know what Sukkot is, it’s a Jewish holiday that includes a Sukakh ( an outdoor hut) that Jews eat in for the duration of the holiday.

Since children love to decorate their Sukkot, it is the perfect time to use all that process only art to decorate the Sukkot with.

You can have the children make paintings of all kinds, collages and all sorts of art projects that are not product focused to use as decorations for the Sukkah walls.

All you need to do is to back the paintings with  complementary color pieces of oak tag and you have a beautiful piece of artwork for the Sukkah.

framed paintingframed paintingframed painting

If you don’t have any paintings you can take an assortment of the children’s drawings or collages and again frame them and them arrange them artistically on the walls.

You can then invite friends in to see the exhibition.

If you would like some more holiday appropriate art activities for Sukkot I can give you 2 more ideas.

Sukkah Mural:

  1. Have the children paint onto a  piece of tagboard about 11×14 in size. They should paint the top  part of the paper sky colors (sky colors can be a mixture of ues and whites)bland the bottom part in ground colors. (ground colors can be greens and browns)
  2. Once  the paper is dry they can begin making a Sukkah mural on top of the painting with an assortment of crafts sticks and all sorts of rectangular pieces of cut up paper to them to use to create a Sukkah.
  3. After they are done creating the outside of the Sukkah discuss with them what they want in their Sukkah. Tables, chairs, decorations on the walls, hanging from the ceiling etc.
  4. Let them draw on a piece of paper what they want to put into their Sukkah and then cut and paste the pieces onto their mural.
  5. They can add any type of drawing that would like with markers after they are done with the pastings.

You will then havae a beautiful, multi media piece of artwork for the Sukkah.

Stringing items:

Another activity to do to help decorate the Sukkah is to string items to hang from the ceiling. Whatever you find that is string-able will work for this activity.

You can use cut up pieces of straws, pieces of styrofoam, small, plastic whiskey cups, pieces of aluminum foil to insert in between items which will make your strung item sound like a wind chime (hopefully) .

Your imagination is the limit as to what will string, look pretty and is not too heavy.

Once all strung, you can use these decorative pieces to hang up on the bamboo sticks or whatever else you are using as a ceiling for your Sukkah.

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