Easter Crafts, Toddlers and Markers: All at once?

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Well it’s not really all at once but, since it is almost Easter (for those of you who celebrate it, I actually don’t) there are two Easter related eggs crafts posts for you to try. Plus how to turn a toddlers no into a yes and some activities for toddlers. There is also a great way to revitalize markers that are dried out. So no, its not all at once. Its just that they are all  in the same post.

Modge Podge Easter eggs

This is a really colorful and easy activity to do with even young ones. If you’ve done any decoupage at all, then you know about modge podge. This post that will show you how to use the tissue paper and modge effect with eggs.

6 Easter Egg Crafts & Activities for Toddlers

6 different ideas you can do by using eggs, one of them actually looks similar to the modge podge idea but, its not the same.

Dried out markers aren’t dead yet!

In this post the insides of the markers are taken out, left to soak and then used as paint. What I like about this idea aside from the interesting technique is that it is giving children a glimpse as to how markers are made and the fact that many things can be reconstituted. Too many items in our kids lives are taken for granted as “that’s just how they are”. This activity lets them get behind the scenes.

The Secret To Turning A Toddler’s “No!” Into A “Yes!”

This post was inspired by a workshop given by Sandy Davie, Nora Caruso, and Sharon Dowe of  the Santa Cruz Toddler Center. In it they did some role playing with adult caretakers to show the adults how the children feel when we try to get them to cooperate without learning how they operate. They had the adults act as children and other adults come in and try to get them to do a task like getting their coats on. It was amazing seeing how more in tune they became with their toddlers once they had the same experiences and learned how to get their toddlers to really cooperate with them.

Creative Experiments for Kids

This is a great activity for toddlers. You basically give them a simple colander from your kitchen, turn it upside down and let them stick pipe cleaners into all of the holes. I liked the idea and decided to try it with my 2 yr old grandson. The problem was that either the pipe cleaners were too thin or the holes were too big and it didn’t really work, however check it out, maybe your colander will work better.

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