A potpourri of spring crafts for preschoolers that are extremely cost effective

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spring crafts


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Spring art for kids to me  means flowers, trees and nature.

Flower crafts for spring can use real flowers to collage with or homemade flower pictures.

The  way I do  this is by giving the children materials that are suggestive of flowers and then let them create the flowers that they are able to do at their developmental level. Often this will depend on the materials you have on hand, other times you can order or buy materials that you think  look suggestive of flowers. Cupcake holders and things like q tips are not items you will find in an art supply catalog but, may be good for this project as well.

spring craftsspring crafts for preschoolers

I have a much longer post at flower crafts for kids where I concentrate solely on different types of flower crafts you can make with children.

The second item I often like to concentrate on during spring is trees. As the beautiful spring blossoms push through their buds and the children are learning about the cycles of trees, it is a great time to make some spring arts and crafts that has to do with trees.

One common tree related project is making  rubbings using leaves. As the trees grow leaves, you can have the children pick these leaves in the different sizes to use for collages and for rubbings.

spring crafts for kidsThis is only one small example of a leaf rubbing and the reason construction paper was used in this case was because the child was going to cut out his rubbing and use it for a real tree picture. If you are concentrating on making only rubbings, then I would probably use thinner paper, even computer paper that is white will show up the veins of the leaves quite well.

Once you have accumulated many of the leaves the children can also use them to either just make a nature collage or they can use them as part of a real picture that they making using trees.

To begin a project like that I may offer the children a whole slew of different types of tree trunks as I have shown below to give them a base for a tree picture.

I have used these type of tree trunks in making trees in my fall craft projects post as well. After the children choose the trunk they want, they get to choose the materials they would like to use for their spring trees.

Another great spring crafts for children is a spring mural.

spring mural for kidsMurals can either be done on a large piece of brown kraft paper with a whole group of children or they children can make their own small murals. What I normally do is allow the children to paint the bottom of their papers green for grass and the top blue for the sky. I then give them regular white paper, like computer paper and ask them what kinds of things they see and do outdoors in the spring.

I tell them to draw these objects on their white paper.Then they cut out the various pictures and arrange them any way they like onto their background paper. Sometimes children will add in extra items with markers to finish off their murals. The children may need some direction in thinking of things they want to draw to put into their murals.

Another one  of the  spring art projects for kids is sun catchers. We often do this type of project with tissue paper that was part of my tissue paper crafts post.The picture below is one of the tissue paper sun catchers.

kids spring crafts

A good way to make this more springlike is to to add spring flower blossoms to the contact paper.

You can of course, also collect a bunch of spring blossoms and flowers, arrange them on a sheet of paper, cover it with contact paper and you have a spring place mat.

spring crafts

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Aruna says May 29, 2012

Loved your ideas. I regularly do spring crafts with my class of preschoolers every year and they love it. I usually try finger painting or vegetable printing, the results are different for each one…amazing!

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