​Did you know that you don't have to be an artist to teach kids painting;
​Not only that but, you don't have to have any art teaching experience to give your students or children an amazing painting curriculum by using
​A Painting Curriculum

If you're an early childhood educator, an elementary school teacher, home school parent or just someone involved with children wishing you had some more know on how to give them enriching painting experiences  then you've come to the right place.

If all you know about is easel painting and some process painting activities and would really like to take your children on a painting using a wide variety of painting activities and concepts then you may want to check out A Painting Curriculum

​ What's IN A Painting Curriculum? 

​Painting activities for ages 3 through elementary school

All ages are capable of painting at different levels and you will begin to see what you can offer to children at different ages

​How to take children from process painting to the next level

Process only painting is something that we need to do a lot of with very young children but, did you know that you can do process only painting activities where you you can use the paintings for other activities

What are the different types of paint available for children to use

Open an art supply catalog and you will be overwhelmed with what is offered for kids to use for art. Types of paint are broken down into the few best ones to use with children.

​Actually teach the children the 7 elements of art through painting activities

Children get to have a great time expressing themselves through painting white learning the 7 elements like line, shape, color art at the same time.

​Worksheet included with many of the color terms​ for children to paint right on top of

​To make it easier for you to teach many of the color terms I have included worksheets that youcan just print out onto card stock and have your children paint right ontop of. No need to create them yourself

How to motivate, inspire and comment on children art

Learn how to get children to take the next step or even the first step by learning how to inspire them to paint. You will also learn the best way to comment on children's art so that it helps them develop further..

A Painting Curriculum starts at the beginning with process only painting activities and moves into teaching a variety of art concepts through many different painting activities.

​You know how children often sit with their paintbrush saying "What should I paint...Well after doing the activities in A Painting Curriculum you'll never hear that question again.

They will learn how to mix colors along with all of the color terms of the color wheel like complementary, analogous, tint, shades, monochromatic, etc and activities to help them remember these concepts.

They will learn beginning perspective and how to paint easy landscapes on their level along with some basic principles of design like symmetry, balance and patterns.

There is also a special section on watercolors as most the the painting activities use tempera paint and watercolor it is a whole topic onto itself.

​There are activities that you can do with groups of children along with many to be done individually.

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