A Lego Table Makes it So Much Easier to Play with Lego

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A lego table is a great addition for the kids that are avid lego players. It is so much easier and more fun to play on a lego table top than on the floor. The trick is to get a lego table that really works with the real lego. i don’t know if you’ve had the experience I’ve had with buying products that are  compatible with the brand names to save money. Its often thrown out money.

I remember when my kids were little  we had bought a lego table with chairs that was a great deal and it  was supposed to be “lego compatible”  It was so difficult to get the lego to fit on the table top comfortably that my children ended up not using it at all.

This Lego Table and Chairs Set aside from being a perfect match for the real lego as it is made by lego as well, lso has a second side to it which is smooth so the kids can play and use it for other activities as well. A really cool feature of this lego table with chairs is that the table top is removal. This way if the kids want to use the table top they can take it to another room or even a different floor without having to drag the whole set. It also comes with 2 mesh drawers so the kids can stored their lego close to the table.The set is even good for people looking for lego tables for older kids as even 6-7 yr olds can fit comfortably on the chairs.

The chairs however, are not of the most durable plastic type and if they are given too much of a beating they will fall apart. If your real goal is to get a lego table that actually works with the lego you already have then this may be the perfect table of you even though it is  not inexpensive.

There are other lego tables with storage and lego tables with drawers and some that even come with fake lego pieces, however in my opinion if you are looking for a lego table you are not going to be happy with the compatible lego tables.

If you read the reviews on those lego compatible tables you will see people writing about how difficult it is to even push the duplo lego’s onto the table.

If you are interested in checking out this great lego table then click the button below.

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