Hole punch art: Add some sticky reinforcements to enhance the holes

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It sounds really weird…hole punch art. But, it was a great activity we did with hole punchers and reinforcements. I actually go this idea from the Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas. I didn’t really like the book that much since most of the activities didn’t really fit my idea of allowing kids to be creative on their own, but this idea (which I modified a bit) just worked.

I cut out a whole bunch of these smallish strips and then gave the kids the hole punchers to make the holes in them. The younger kids had a hard time punching the holes so make sure you have a smooth hole puncher.

I then gave them glue and colorful reinforcements. I used black paper for the backgrounds because I thought it would be dramatic looking. I also kept to tow colors of construction paper strips.

Try different combinations of backgrounds  reinforcements and colored strips. By giving the children materials that add drama it will make their artwork look really beautiful  The holes in the strips along with the reinforcements add some interesting ideas for the kids and again of course, the older the kids are, the more creative their pictures.

It’s just so amazing how you can take such simple materials an create art from them.

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Emma says August 5, 2013

Great idea! I never would have thought to use this for learning!

gary says August 5, 2013

Yes, me neither but, I saw it in a book and decided to try it

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