Flower crafts for kids: So much more fun than tissue paper flowers

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Watch video on flower crafts for kids and then continue reading after video.

Whenever I was a child, flower crafts meant tissue paper flowers.  I distinctly remember it being a craft that was done for many years. I guess it was for lack of better ideas and far be it from me to chuck tradition :). So here are 2 pictures on how to make some tissue paper flowers before we get into the fun flower crafts.

Tissue paper flowers

You basically stack some pieces of tissue paper together, fold them like a fan, put a pipe cleaner around the middle and…

tissue paper flowers

pull each piece towards the middle to create this puffy flower.

tissue paper flowers

The  flower crafts  that I am going to give you are things you can do in any a kindergarten or preschool environment or at home and they more more creative and appropriate for all ages.

Flower collages

I love collages and you can check out 24 of the best collages post over here.

It all depends on the materials you give the kids that will determine how the flower collages will come out. That, and the age of the children. I’ve done this numerous times:

For the flowers below the children were given Craft Sticks,Pom Poms, Pipe Cleaners,  cupcake holders, and some foam leaf shapes I had lying around.

 flower crafts

flower crafts   flower crafts with pom poms

The materials for the most part suggest flowers but, if the children don’t seem to get it, then tell them they should try to make flowers. One, two, in a jar, in a field, whatever they like as long as they are some sort of flowers.y make.

A couple of years late for the flower activity below (which was made at a later date than the first hence the size of the images) we gave them small paper plates, buttons, small squares of tissue paper, craft sticks, some straws and maybe some other random materials.

flower craft with kids


flower craft with kids

flower craft with childdren

flower crafts with kids

You can always change the activity based on what materials you provide for the children and the results will always be different.

Flower picture activity /sophisticated art collages

materials for flower collagesThis flower craft was similar to the collage one above but,a bit more sophisticated not a basic collage.

Above is the the array of materials that were used for this flower picture. The children were given the same type as instructions as before. I gave them ideas like it could be a person holding a flower, a flower in a window anything having to do with flowers.

Whenever I give more structured directions I also always give a few ideas. This way they can pick and choose what they want.

In this case I also showed them a number of flower pictures I had  for them to use as inpiration inspiration. They could use a part of the picture for inspiration or they could just take ideas from it.

I told them they did not have to use these ideas from the pictures but,could use their own ideas.

These pictures below were done by 2 girls ages 7 or 8 years old.

The first one was quite detailed as she had the girl watering flowers near her house.The second one copied a vase with flowers that we had here.

flower art

painted flower in vase

The ones below were girls a year to three years younger.

The one on the left looks quite random but, I remember how the little girl was working on it to get all the sequins to form some kind of petals. You can’t always tell children’s intent by what the finished product looks like.

The trick is to realize that different children will create according to their age level and patience level as well.

Flower pictures with pre printed pictures

This activity was more of a test.

Many children spend much of there time coloring pictures in coloring books and working with other pre printed pictures. There is such a proliferation of preprinted and cut out materials for children to use all over the place and I normally don’t believe in using any pre printed sort of material with children in art.

I had an assortment of pictures from calendars lying around and I decided to  see what would happen if I combined the pre printed pictures along with adding some materials to make it more creative.

I collected some images that had flowers on them from the  calendars that I had and told the children that they could make a flower garden or anything having to do with flowers. I gave them these images plus some yarn and craft sticks and told them they can cut out the flowers and use the yarn and crafts sticks to add to the pictures

I was disappointed with this activity.

What happened was the children got so involved with just cutting out the flowers that creativity didn’t come much into play here.

One child actually just cut out a whole piece from a calendar(notice the bear below) and pasted the whole piece of paper onto her paper.

When I mentioned to some of the other children that the assignment did have them also using the crafts sticks and yarn they kind of just pasted some down as in the 2 examples below to make me happy.

My assessment was that seeing the preprinted pictures and allowing them to use them kind of froze the children s creativity.So as you can see, using pre printed pictures for the kids stifled their creativity and it is much better for their creativity to allow to just use a number of pictures for inspiration.

I’ve given you a number of flower crafts to do with kids.Do you have any to add?

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