Easy craft projects: Crafts that are easy for the kids and easy for the adult

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for easy crafts projects

So! You are looking for easy craft projects. That can mean 2 different things.

You may want easy crafts to prepare or you want crafts that are easy for the children to do.

Since my philosophy is that we give art based on understanding how children develop developmentally and giving them what they are very capable of doing, then they will find most of the crafts I give easy since they don’t have to follow any complicated directions.

If you are looking for crafts that are models of someone else’s idea then you came to the wrong site.

If you want to do crafts but, want to do them in an age appropriate manner then I would say to check out the 5 categories of crafts that are age appropriate. This will explain it all. Art and crafts are two completely different things.

Decoupage is a sample of one of the crafts categories you can do.

mod podged plates

You use using different kinds of paper to decorate an item and then you give it a glass like finish with either Mod Podge or glue

 The image above was a plate that was covered on the back and mod podged. It can be used since the eating side was left alone.

The children can use pieces of papers cut out from magazines, tissue paper or any of the number of types of specialty papers that there are around.

Another type of easy crafts are collages. I am a big believer in using lots of collage ideas to stand in for standard crafts projects. They are very easy and allow children to create at their appropriate developmental level.

The problem that comes up is when adults like teachers and parents only want a crafts project that looks recognizable. If we understand what’s good for children at what age then this won’t happen.

If you want children to make flower collages, then  give them materials that are suggestive of flowers and they make flower pictures.

camp art 086

The same goes for snowman pictures and anything else you want children to make.

If you are not interested in collages but, want another easy crafts project then why not try beautiful coffee filter artwork. These can actually be a part of their flower making as well.

Get hold of these large, soft coffee  filters, some  eye droppers and watercolor, liquid paint.

coffe filters 5

If you don’t have any  old medications that come in bottles with droppers then I believe you may be able to purchase these from your local pharmacist

Or you can prepare small bits of water with a different color food coloring in each bit of water.

You may want to use egg box cartons for the different colors. Lay the coffee filters out and using the eye droppers  have the children take different colors and drip them randomly onto the spread out filters.

This will create beautiful soft patterns of color on the filters. The nature of the coffee filters has the liquid spreading out and making different designs.

After they have created  as many colors as they like (or you give them)  the children can paste these filters onto a pieces of tag board. (after they dry)

They can even cut around the designs and use the cutouts to paste with.

The coffee filters can be used along with cupcake holders, pom poms,strips of paper, pieces of aluminum foil etc to create beautiful flower collages on a piece of tag board.

Another thing to do with coffee filters is to allow the children to cut them  up .

Let  the children to snip around the edges of the coffee filters or let them cut them into pieces.

You can then  use washable markers that bleed and have them  color on the filters, then cut them and paste what they cut.

If you want crafts that you can do for the holidays you can find some  appropriate crafts activities at fall craft projectswinter crafts for kidsThanksgiving projects for kids and Christmas crafts for children.

If you are looking for easy crafts that don’t necessarily have to do with a holiday you can check out  paper plate crafts and flower craft projects. lebums

When I was recently fixing up this post I came across another post about easy art ideas that you might want to check from the blog Picklebums.

And when you do get to those posts whichever ones you like I hope you don’t mind sharing them 🙂

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