Collage Curriculum
The BEST (and cheapest) Way to Boost Your Child's Creativity and Problem Solving Skills

If you're checking out Collage Curriculum then I assume you already know what a great art activity collage is and you want more of it.....

Or maybe you've only done collage by giving children leftover, cut up pieces from other projects  and you are looking for more than that......

Or you can't imagine how anyone could actually make a BOOK out of collage.

First lets look at why collage itself is such an important art activity for kids and then I'll explain what Collage Curriculum can offer you

The Major Benefits of Collage

Collage teaches thinking skills

Collage is one of the best activities for children that is fun yet teaches them thinking and problem solving skills at the same time

Collage is forgiving

Collage is the most forgiving of art activities. While children may feel inadequate if their drawings are not "realistic" collages are not meant to be perfect and  almost anything goes with collage.

Collage is a great addition to many curriculum topics

Collage is so flexible that it allows you to use it in conjunction with almost any curriculum unit

Collage is the least expensive art activity

Even though you can use many store bought materials for collage it is easily the cheapest art activity as you can use many household items to create most of the collages.

Collage is good for ALL ages

Collage can be done with all ages. You can even give a 4 year old and a 16 yr old the same materials with the same theme for a collage. Of course, their results will be vastly different but, its still the same activity

Collage is very broad

Though collage in museums tends to be very abstract, collage for kids can be so many different things according to their interests and what they are learning 

So now that you know why collage is so important let me explain to you what is so amazing about  Collage Curriculum

From my years as an early childhood educator and then an art teacher I have developed 4 different categories of collage that you can do with children that I have laid out in the eBook in a clear easy to follow manner.

There are over 40 different collages included in these categories.

You will discover new ways of doing simple collages and new types of collages that you would never have thought of

There are pictures of every type of collage so even though your age children may  not be able to produce like some of the pictures you can get an idea of what can be expected.

From learning about the types of collage you can learn to create your own ideas based on the system I set out here.

You will never be at a loss for an art activity especially if you don't have lots of materials or money to buy materials as you will have so many collages at your fingertips.

If you're ready to enhance your curriculum  or just have a ton of amazing collages to do with your children then then click the button below to take you to the order page

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