Window art in so many different forms

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Solo at the MOMA gaspi *yg via Compfight

This weeks links are pretty much centered around windows and to extend that even further, to glass.

The first one is fun activity where the kids get to trace on your windows by we teach preschool. You do need large windows for this one and ones that are easily accessible but, its a fun project that can be done over and over again. (it’s also  not messy)

The second one is a project where you get to hang in in the window so the sun streams through like stained glass and it looks truly beautiful.

For this project the moms at play at home mom llc use translucent gems to create stunning window art.

Window painting is an activity that is quite messy and needs to be on the outdoor window side but, if you can manage it its lots of fun.

Now I know St Patricks day passed a while back but, this 4th activity fits into the window theme over here and you can do it with any shape. I actually had seen the idea on Pinterest in another shape and figured I could use it as a shamrock window decor. All you have to do is use your topics or objects that you want to have hanging in the window and do the same activity.

The fifth link will take you to an artist name Emmy Star Brown’s work. She does intricate marker designs on glass from old windows. She is and expert on Art on glass and it would be worth it to take a look at her work. I actually plan on trying out some of her activities possibly in my summer camp this year. (with small pieces of glass)

The 6th link is also  an activity with glass, but, not windows. Since Mothers Day is past, why not think of making some glasses art,  from dollar store crafts for good ‘ole Dad.

That’s all I can “see” for today’s links.


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  1. My kids love drawing on windows with Crayola window markers!

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