No More Copycat Crafts...Learn how crafts can raise self esteem and teach thinking skills....

  1. Learn what educational crafts is and why its better than traditional crafts
  2. Learn the 5 categories of crafts that are included in Educational Crafts
  3. Get crafts on holidays from ALL around the world
  4. All crafts are cross indexed so you can use them for other themes and units as well
  5. Special crafts section for birthday parties
  6. A letter enclosed to send to parents explaining this new system of doing crafts if you are trying to change over

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This is what past customers have said about the original Learning through Crafts

Clear, easy to read and follow...

Children's art books that I have looked at recently seem to be about adult art, but tapered down. For anyone wishing to change over to win-win educational arts and crafts this is the perfect guide to help you do just that. I am not sure what is available out there for free but this is one of the first that i have read that is read in a clear easy to follow way

Karen Gross  England

Information here is lacking in most books....

The information you have here is sorely lacking in most art books and especially in craft books. I think people that take on this method will take the pressure off of children to perform beyond their capabilities and ages. I don't care if their granny is a famous South African artist. The child must do what he can at his or her level.

Jenna Haselton   South Africa

Faigies enthusiasm in contagious....

I feel that Faigies enthusiasm is contagious and her approach is very passionate.It will be very helpful in giving this method over to our children.The book is a good addition to any educator or parent willing to develop the best in the child's creative maturation

Solange Depintor  Sao Paolo, Brazil

Teaching creativity is also improving self esteem...

Your eBooks dealing with arts and crafts are marvelous. All parents and educators want their children to make things.Making things that teach them creativity and improve their self esteem is killing two birds with one stone.

Denise Grunberg   Sydney, Australia

A book for all educators and parents..

This is really a book for everybody. I've seen maThny things that were process only art that were for teachers, but this is for everyone. I love the philosophy about self esteem and art.

Chana Zuberr  Bost‚Äčon, Massachusetts




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Faigie Kobre

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