Learning Through Crafts

Are you sold on doing crafts in an Educational way

Or would you rather resort to the same boring, traditional, copycat cat arts and crafts that is all over the web.Which are not only boring but detrimental to your child’s self esteem and cognitive growth. If you want to read my original report Can Crafts for Kids Make my Kids Smarter then click on that link now.

If you already know how detrimental copycat crafts for kid are and are looking for crafts that fit the bill then you’ve come to the right place.Kids crafts are activities that you  do with kids for certain holidays, seasons or special events. They usually consist of an activity where you actually make something.

Learning Through Crafts

When I created Learning Through Crafts  I did see that there are thousands of crafts activities out there on the web, but most of them are the  typical, copycat crafts. Finding the good ones is tedious work.If you want to  to do more developmentally appropriate crafts then you have to  to spend  hours upon hours sifting through web sites to find the perfect crafts and then you aren’t  even sure if the craft is GOOD for your child.

I therefore decided that there was a need for a book that would a have group of crafts activities for EVERY holiday and special day from around the globe…that are truly developmentally appropriate. Something that parents and teachers could just open up to the holiday or event they need a craft activity for and there it would be…the craft activity that fits the developmental needs of the child.

and thus was born…..

What is included in Learning through Crafts:

  • Educational arts and crafts and why its so important
  • The 5 categories of crafts that are included in Educational crafts
  • Holidays and seasons from around the world and crafts for them(Included are holidays from North America, South America, Australia, Wales, UK, India, Israel and South Africa).
  • A cross indexing of all crafts so you can use them for other themes and units
  • Crafts for birthday parties
  • If you are a teacher: A letter to parents explaining the system of Educational crafts

This is all included in the 144 page pdf guide  that has an an easy navigation system that allows to to jump from page to page and section to section with a click of the mouse if you choose to view book on your computer. If not, you can always just print it.


No more scrolling through web site after web site to find what you are looking for. Unless……you LIKE bookmarking hundreds of sites when you find an appropriate craft.

I am now offering this 144 page guide and the lowest I have EVER done so……its only


,/center>Still not sure…then see what others have said about  the original, unrevised edition of Learning Through Crafts.

Still sitting on the fence?  Then just know that even if you buy this book and are unhappy with it you can return it and get your money back…there is a 100% guarantee


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