Developing Your Childs Inner Artist

Did you know that you could help your child develop his or her creative and artistic potential even if you can’t draw a straight line?

Believe it or not but…. you don’t have to be an artist to help your child become one?

It’s really amazing to me how many parents and even teachers shy away from giving their children some good art because as they love to say “Me? I cant draw a straight line”.

So it’s to the web for you….. scrolling through site after looking for  the perfect craft or art activities for your children that gives exact step by step instructions because after all…there’s no way that YOU can give them anything really creative. Right? Wrong!!

Because you now have Developing Your child’s Inner Artist

for only $12


Developing Your Child’s Inner Artist was a group of 3 smaller e Books consolidated into this one 147 page comprehensive creative art curriculum.

An art curriculum that ANYONE can do with their children EVEN YOU!

Art and art for kids is a big topic. My goal is not to have you teach your child all of the most sophisticated art skills she or he can get in a very good art program.

It is to expand your child’s creative potential by giving him/her the confidence and the guidance to create art every day without having to resort to hearts, rainbows or the standard house with chimney and sun in the sky.

I want you to learn how to get your children to get some very simple basic drawing and painting skills so that they will feel that they can do anything they want in art.

Have you ever heard the   expression give a man a fish and he will eat for a day…teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime….

Well its the same with art…

“Give a child a project and she will do art for a day
teach a child to see and she’ll do art for a lifetime”

Once you give them these basic skills that will make them confident in their abilities…. you and they can decide if they want to take their skills further. Either by delving further into some of the other books I got many of my ideas from, or by taking more advanced art classes. By following the activities in this book your  kids will get a  tremendous boost in  creativity and will skyrocket their  their self esteem that is so important to their healthy growth.

You see….art is NOT only learning how to draw and to paint , it is learning to SEE and  learning HOW  to translate that sight into  many art forms.

By giving the children the activities we have in this book on drawing, painting and collage you will help your children reach their creative potential and more.

What is included in Developing Your Child’s Inner Artist:

  • Section #1: Drawing: Simple drawing activities that will lead your child on a path to seeing shapes in the world, how to draw them and what to draw.
  • Section #2 :Painting: A journey through color exploration, color mixing, composition, horizon lines and some great guidance in helping your kids take their paintings to new levels.
  • Section #3:  Collages beginning with simple geometric shapes up to art collages. The children will learn to create with a new medium that is very satisfying for all ages.
  • Many color photographs are included with this guide that will help the children in their ideas for painting, collage and drawing. They will learn that most ideas for art don’t come from their imagination but, from real life or pictures and I have included many of the pictures so you don’t have to go searching for them.
  • There are full color pictures in each section showing you samples of children’s work so you can know what to expect.

So now for the unheard of price of


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