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This is really weird!!!

I had taken these eBooks off the market but, obviously there are still links to this page out there on my site on certain post pages PLUS on other sites online…and people have been finding this page and purchasing the eBooks…so its back up for now for a short while and for a little while you can  buy…

BOTH books!!!!

craft & art for kids e books Learning Through Crafts
Developing Your Child’s Inner Artist

for the discounted price of


 2 e books for the price of one normal good book

(this entire set sold previously for $67)

But… that is not all!

I am also including a special bonus when you buy these 2 eBooks nowBonus

Another eBook called What Can I Make With….. A short eBook that will help you give children a variety of recyclable materials to allow them to make whatever they want. A great way for you to use old materials that you may otherwise want to throw out and let your kids have some fun.
Included in this short eBook are loads of images of how other kids chose to use these materials.

(to read more about what it’s these books click on links on bottom)


To get the 2 eBooks, one report and one cd all for the low price of


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Still vacillating? Then know this. This set of eBooks is

100% guaranteed

There is absolutely no risk for you to   to buy these eBooks, because if you do, and you see that they are not what you are looking for…then you will get your money refunded without any problem.

 So…to recap what you are getting for the insanely low price of $24 (which won’t be for long)

  • A unique, children’s, step by step, art and crafts  system that encompasses every area of development children need to  develop the right thinking, problem solving skills, develop their initiative, max out their creativity and tremendously boost their self esteem.
  • Hours of time and effort saved  scrolling through web sites looking for that perfect art or crafts activity.
  • Children that are calmer and more focused with all of their new art activities that will keep them engaged as never before.
  • Peace of mind knowing that you are giving your children (and or  students) the best art for their development.

The more you follow the activities in these eBooks on a consistent basis the more you will see children that….

  • Can think and solve problems.
  • Are  not afraid to take initiative.
  • Will discover in themselves well springs of creativity.
  • Will be much more self confident.
  • Will be engrossed in their projects for longer periods of time.
  • Will feel much better about themselves in all areas.

 Don’t forget there is a 30 day 100% GUARANTEE!  so click the button below

You will be taken to  pay pal to pay. After your payment goes through you will be taken to a page where you can download the eBooks and an older audio that I did years ago that explain my initial concepts.Then check them out for 30 days. If you don’t like them then just return them and get your money back.

Thank you so much
Faigie Kobre
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To read more about what’s in each e book  click here for Learning Through Crafts and click here for Developing Your Child’s Inner Artist

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