Need some cool art projects: Try using shaving cream and watercolor paint

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This art project which is one of the most cool art projects you will find may not be for really young preschoolers. You need to use shaving cream and  Concentrated Washable Liquid Watercolors.(Two year olds, three year olds and 4 year olds will actually love just using the shaving cream as a finger painting substitute) As finger painting is really a sensory activity and is not used much for really making real pictures why not use shaving cream. (I know I’m diverting from my cool shaving cream and watercolor project but, I can’t resist.I figure I can throw in another process only art activity using the same materials with different results)

You can do it on a table and the clean up is quite easy. I wouldn’t do it with more than 2-3 kids at  a time. You also need to make sure that they don’t think the shaving cream is whipped cream as they might want to taste it. (maybe a little coloring will prevent that)

Anyway, back to the real cool kindergarten or early elementary school art project. (Older kids will love it as well) To begin as I said before you will need Shaving Cream like in the image below and watercolors like in the image above.

You will also need an aluminum pan that is disposable to put the shaving cream into. A 9×12 or maybe it’s 9×13 pan is the perfect size for this. Take the shaving cream and fill up almost the whole pan with it. Then take a few different colors of water colors and shpritz them all over the the top of the shaving cream as in below.

painting and shaving cream

 After you get the different colors of water colors all over the shaving cream take a paintbrush, turn it upside down and run it back and forth with the tip only across the told of the shaving cream. Do this the length of the pan. Make sure to do it gently and you will get something looking like the image below.

painting and shaving cream

Once that is all done, give the child who is doing this project (as you can see, you can’t do this project with a whole group or even a small group. It is best done with one or maybe two children at a time. It’s probably a great activity for parents to do at home with children as you are not usually working with a large group when you are doing art with your kids as home.

painting and shaving cream

The younger the children are the more you will have to help them especially with the next step. Pull the paper off of the top of the shaving cream

cool art project painting and shaving cream

Then take another piece of tagboard and push off the shaving cream that has accumulated on the piece of tagboard.

painting and shaving cream

You will be left with the most beautiful designs on the tagboard

painting and shaving cream

This paper can either be framed as a piece of artwork itself or it can be used for any number of other projects.You can use it as a background for a scrapbook page, you can make it into a card for Mothers day craft, Valentines day art or any other occasion that you need to make cards. You can probably also use it to cut up when its dry and make collages with .

I recently came across another cool art project on a blog called Momastic. This one uses a canvas with some crayons and an iron

If you really think this is cool…share it…otherwise?…share it 🙂


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Faye Byrd says June 19, 2016

awesome ,I have tried it!! Colored chalk will work also! Just grate on a cheese grater it will float on water,lay paper on top then pull. Not as colorful though.

Faigie says June 21, 2016

Sounds like fun but, maybe a bit more work than the paint 😉

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