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I’m sure you landed up here because you were looking for some great art for kids, right?

Art means lots of different things to different people.

To some it means the typical arts and crafts projects that are all over the schools and the internet.

To others it means art museums and big fancy paintings.

To others it means awful childhood experiences with failure. And that’s a pity because art should be a joy.

Art should be a way for children to learn to think, develop great self esteem and have their creativity blossom.

There are many, many sites  out there about crafts and art . Some are great sites while others are simply giving over the copycat instructions needed to have children copy exactly what is instructed.

So, I  am on a mission. On a mission  guide you on a journey of giving your children (or students)  an art education, help their confidence grow, raise their self esteem, make them better learners, and having fun all through art.

I  teach art and I can teach you how to teach your child how to do art, even if you have no art background.

You see, I’ve learned that you don’t need an art background to teach kids art.  You can be an  “art enabler”  which is what I was for a while. It was only recently that I morphed into an art teacher.

I’m still not at the level that I can teach complicated art skills and when your children get really good and want to learn more about 2 point and 3 point  perspective, shading and more complicated  techniques then its time for REAL art classes.(Or you can watch some of the hundreds of you tube videos there are with art lessons)

Meet the team: That’s me….

image with round frame

…so far.

My name is Faigie Kobre . (hard g)

I’ve been married 30 years (same guy) have 6 children and a bunch of grandchildren. I live in NY (not far from Kennedy airport)  and live in an Observant Jewish community. (more about that at Mama Smiles blog).

I have a Masters in Early Childhood Education from the Bank Street College of Education, spent years as an early childhood teacher and then director. I also spent 25 years as a high end portrait photographer. (Don’t try guessing how old I am)

Below is a collage  of some of my past portrait work.


Now I’m an art teacher and an art blogger.

I teach in a new, private, growing elementary school not far from my home. We also run an art camp out of our home in the summertime , hence many of the art activites are from those summers.

I also recently started teaching adults, using mixed media art as my vehicle to help adults discover their hidden creativity.

I actually created a FREE pdf guide  called “25 Exercises That will Rekindle Your Natural Creativity” that you can download by going here

If you want great art activities for kids there is a lot to find on this site.

You can also join me on Facebook /Pinterest/ and my new channel at  You Tube which has some videos. (still working on adding more)

I hope you’ll join me on this journey of learning all kinds of great art things that you can do with your own kids (or students) and hopefully they will develop the confidence in art and themselves so important to be a successful learner in school (or at home) today.

 I would love to hear from you on this page or on any other page. You can reach me at this contact me page, or you can email me at faigie@eduart4kids.com

I would especially love to hear of your own past experiences with art that you feel shaped how you relate to art today.

Thanks for visiting


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Anna Reyner says March 31, 2012

Hi Faigie! I also write an art and creativity blog and was just reading yours this morning – I love your ideas! We are so similar in the way we think about art. I also see you have a Discount School Supply link on your lefthand column. I work for that company out of Southern California. Where do you work? I would love to meet you sometime at an NAEYC conference or other event. Thank you for your wonderful ideas. Anna Reyner

gary says April 1, 2012

Hi Anna,
Thanks so much for your comment.
I am actually not working in education right now even though I do run a summer art camp with my older daughters. I haven’t been that involved with organizations even though I used to read the magazine from naeyc years ago (was that Young Children? or something similar)The funny think is that since I started working more on my blog I started following a bunch of art related and early childhood blogs and when I clicked on your link in my comment I realized that you were one of the blogs I started following. I would love to get back into early childhood somehow if it’s not full time and I probably should come to one of these conferences as well. If you have any plans to be in NY at all, send me an email and maybe we can get together. Thanks so much.

Simi Feigen says January 8, 2014

Hi Fagie!
We have so much in common! I also have (bli ayin hara) 6 kids and 2 granddaughters and I have been teaching for over 20 years and earned a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and now I teach Methodology at Ohel Sara Seminary (LA Chabad Seminary) here in LA. I came across your blog while trying to get ideas for my students about Reading Readiness Skills. You have great ideas!!!

gary says January 8, 2014

Thanks so much Simi..reading readiness on this blog? Which post was that?

Simi Feigen says January 10, 2014

It was on this link
That I found great ideas!
Thank you!!!

Faigie says January 10, 2014

Oh that is really funny. That was something I wrote on hub pages years ago and I guess it linked to my site. Thanks

Simi Feigen says January 10, 2014

Your ideas are priceless! No matter how old they are!!!

Faigie says January 10, 2014

🙂 How nice to hear that.

Aliza Shaffer says March 3, 2014

I just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying this site! I love the really creative ideas and the little tidbits of educational philosophy that are mixed in. I can’t wait to try a bunch of these projects with my 15-month old.

Cindy @ Two Muses Homeschool says May 10, 2014

Hi Faigie, it is nice to “meet” you! I have a rather new art education blog, so I was out looking for others to watch. I love your site, and I will be following along! 🙂

Faigie says May 11, 2014

Thank you Cindy. Welcome aboard and good luck with your site.

Shoshana says July 27, 2014

Hi Faige! What an amazing find- your blog! I did a search for collage for kids for our multi-age homeschool meetup in Beit Shemesh, Israel. I am a trained art therapist and I LOVE your outlook on art- “enabler” I give art chugim for kids and seniors, and I totally hold by that definition. I will definitely be stopping in here!
all the best!

Faigie says July 27, 2014

Thanks so much Shoshana. I love hearing how people find me and am so happy that you like what you found here. Good luck with the rocket fire. we are all praying for you guys here.

Miriam says November 22, 2015

I read your write up in the Family First. What an eye opener! I looked you up and found your website- what a treasure! I am a kindergarten teacher in a more traditional school. When I started out in the school two years ago I was looked upon as being more advanced, simply because I had the children do everything themselves. But your idea of art is way more then that! I will enjoy using your website. I am starting a unit on farm animals. Any ideas?

Faigie says November 22, 2015

Thanks so much Miriam. You sound like the exact type of person I was writing for. They did not let me put my website address in the article even though I knew people could use it very much. It would be great if you could write them a letter telling them how you found my site and how good it is for people who want to do things this way. Anyway you could check out http://eduart4kids.com/torn-paper-animal-art-a-la-eric-carle/ for the farm animals unit. Make sure you have lots of pictures of different animals for them to look at.You may also want to check out http://eduart4kids.com/animal-crafts/ and I also once had a post up on how to plan in general that you might enjoy http://eduart4kids.com/creative-curriculum-lesson-plans/…thanks again

Melanie says January 15, 2018

So exited to find your website! I am a retired (retired early so I could help my daughter and her husband with their children) elementary teacher. I have not regretted the decision, but still love to teach. This afternoon I am hoping to do some activities with my granddaughters for Valentine’s Day. I have even thought of getting back into teaching, although I have decided to not renew my certificate for the state I live in, but I know there are other ways I can teach, also. Thanks for sharing your wealth of information! Looking forward to learning more!

Faigie says January 15, 2018

My pleasure. Within about a week or two I hope to be revamping the site a bit so check back in then. 🙂 Thanks for your enthusiasm..it makes it all worthwhile.

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